• Apple is growing, we want to grow with it

    Apple, be more multilingual, open, Europe-friendly and fair
    We are not satisfied with the situation with regard to localization of Apple software in case of some European languages – e.g. Catalan, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Hungarian, Greek, Icelandic, Irish, Lithuanian, Slovak, Slovene, Romanian, Ukrainian, Welsh etc. This means there are a lot of European languages they are still not part of standard distribution and configuration of Apple applications and systems.
    We ask Apple that:
    • all European languages must be integrated into standard installation of all Apple applications.
    • the translation of all manuals for Apple hardware and software in all European countries is also included.
    Apple has done it for other applications, like iOS or iPod system and it attracted a lot of new cutomers for their products. But why Apple doesn’t want to do this exactly same step for its iTunes, Safari, Mac OS X, iLife, iWork?
    We know we want to use those applications in our mother tongue. At the moment the „world‘s most advanced operating system“ contents only 18 languages, 12 of them are European languages. But Europe has more languages than Apple supports, speaks now – only the European Union has official 23 languages!
    We need to hear your voice.
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