• How To Create A Bootable OS X Mountain Lion USB Drive / DVD / SD Card The Easy Way

    With Apple finally releasing OS X Mountain Lion via the Mac App Store, users can quickly open the store up on their Macs and get their hands on the latest player in the desktop operating system game. The fact that Apple’s new OS is now available is obviously a positive thing, but once again the fact that it only comes as a digital download has caused a few people to raise their eyebrows at the company’s chosen method of distribution.

    With Mountain Lion being initially available and distributed through the Mac App Store, it obviously means that it doesn’t come with an installation DVD nor a USB. The lack of a physical installation source causes some people to have flutters incase something actually goes wrong with their Mac, and they can’t get access to the downloaded installer on the machine. Or if they want to install it on multiple machines without having to download it from Mac App Store again and again, or in case they want to install the Mountain Lion as a fresh install. With that in mind, it makes sense to use the downloaded installation file to create a separate and independent bootable USB/SD Card/DVD drive.

    The following steps show the simple process involved in creating a Mountain Lion bootable USB/SD Card/DVD drive using the Lion DiskMaker application that is built around AppleScript.

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